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"My research is primarily focused on the convergence of technology and musicianship, and I am the founding director of two research labs where this is explored: the Interactive Music Systems Lab (IMSLab) and the Electric Guitar Innovation Lab (EGIL). Through these labs, our team of researchers, musicians, students, and Lab RATs focuses on the development and implementation of new technology to facilitate music composition, performance, and education with both musicians and non-musicians. Specifically, this is accomplished through the development of technology-based instruments, electronics, composition algorithms, interactive systems, and research experiments. One example of how music-making, software, and hardware converge is the audio effects platform we developed, which students have used in courses and our FX Hackathon . Below are some examples of these technologies including software development libraries, interactive music systems & apps, educational video games, and many other music projects." ~V.J.

the Electric Guitar Innovation Lab

"In 2018, I formally began an extension of my research exploring innovative ideas related to my own electric guitar playing by establishing The Electric Guitar Innovation Lab (EGIL) at WPI. As the PI, this lab explores opportunities for research innovation related to the electric guitar and the various components associated with the electric guitar, including amplifiers, pickups, effects processors, and more. The efforts of my lab include collaborations with faculty and key personnel as well as external professional musicians and innovators from industry. "

Interactive Music Systems

" I am the founding director and PI of the Interactive Music Systems Lab (IMSLab) at WPI wherein we explore the creation of new tools and approaches to support music composition, performance, education, and research. Here are some featured interactive music systems that I've created. A common theme of these systems is that they allow individuals, even if they have no prior skills in music, to compose and perform original music to some degree. Visit the CV for a complete list of systems I've created.


"EAMIR, an open-source project and 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization that supports composition, performance, education, and research through accessible technology-based musical instruments. Since I first began the project in 2007, the EAMIR software apps have been implemented in classrooms, including populations with special needs and disabilities, research projects, and composition/performance environments. Today, a community of musicians, educators, researchers, and developers contribute to EAMIR's many open-source projects. The software and the source code development kit (EAMIR SDK) are freely available under a CC license from the EAMIR website (eamir.org), and built primarily upon my Modal Object Library algorthmic composition & analysis development kit."

the Modal Object Library

"The Modal Object Library is a collection of algorithms I've developed to control and define modality, tertian harmony, and harmonic relationships in music software development . The first objects were written for the language Max/MSP/Jitter in 2006 and is the basis of many of my algorithmic compositions and interactive music systems including the EAMIR project. The library is free under CC license and is also bundled with my V Objects library as part of the EAMIR Software Development Kit (SDK)."

Educational Video Games

"I have developed several games that introduce concepts using informal learning methods including music education oriented video games. Several of these games have been used in my own research (see my Publications) and teaching, primarily with children, to introduce concepts of musicianship to students in a self-directed, exploratory manner. In this capacity, I, as the teacher, have been able to take on the role of a facilitator for helping my students answer questions they raise while exploring musical concepts in the virtual game world. Software-based games are primarily published by Knockout Media, and my company Clear Blue Media. Some video games, like Full Scale Attack for example, were developed collaboratively with some of my students at WPI. "

Other Research Projects

"Here are some featured research projects involving the use of interactive music system technology for music education, cognition, and more. Visit the CV for a complete list of systems and the related publications. The emodiment of much of my research can be seen in interactive music systems created for my EAMIR project, technology-based music compositions, my books and other publications, and educational games and installations published by my company, Clear Blue Media."

Presentations & Lectures

"Here are some featured lectures I've given on music, music technology, and compositon at various conferences, forums, and universities. For more information on my lectures, visit the CV section."