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"I love rock music. Through the years, I've written many songs in a variety of styles with different bans and performers. The bands featured here represent performing groups in which I contributed prominently in different capacities to the overall creative output." ~V.J.

Fatal Fire

"Fatal Fire is a musical audio play I wrote. Many of the characters in this story play music, so as you read the story and interact with different elements, music and sounds play in the story and parts of the soundtrack are unlocked. " ~V.J.

Second Contact

"Second Contact is a cover-music project that recreates progressive rock and metal from the 70s and 80s in the most authentic manner possible. Formed in 2010, Second Contact is a live performance ensemble with an underlying focus on getting every note and sound album-authentic while also figuring out how we can perform all the album-authentic instrumental and vocal parts live without tracks or samples. In Second Contact, I sing, play keyboard (and keytar! ) and guitars, and help originate and resolve technical issues. Our Xanadu is pretty spot on! :)" ~V.J.

Cryptic Bay

"Hmmm...am I really putting this up here in public?! Cryptic Bay was a one-off single-performance side-project between me and drummer Bob Fontana (formerly of the Ropes, Shamra). It was a pseudo-spoof, though we had fun doing it. The music material came primarily from remixed Clear Blue repertoire. During their only live performance, Cryptic Bay performed with one guitar, one microphone, one drumset, and a pedal that triggered multiple real-time samples and videos from one computer. Cryptic Bay's only album and only performance, Live from Cryptic Bay, album was recorded live at this concert." ~V.J.

Clear Blue

"Ahhh—CLear Blue...from my first band. Active from the late 90s to early 200s, Clear Blue released 6 full-length albums, as well as several EPs, and singles. Most of Clear Blue's early music was in a lighter, pop style, while later works were more progressive-leaning. Works primarily feature me as a composer/lyricist, guitarist, singer, studio keyboardist, and producer/engineer." ~V.J.

Tone Poem

"This playlist contains works from the band Tone Poem, active thru the late 2000s. Tone Poem originally called Afterglow featured my brother Dan on drums and my, now, wife Raquel, on bass. In the mid-2000s, Clear Blue and Tone Poem used to headline shows together including a show at CBGB's right before it shut down. Works feature me as a songwriter and producer/engineer." ~V.J.

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