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Bands, choirs and orchestras only reach a minority of middle and high school music students (Williams & Dammers, 2010) and data suggests that the percentage of students studying music is shrinking (Elpus and Abril, 2010). Music classes which target the "Other 80%" using technology to enhance music creativity and learning are a promising addition to the music curriculum and uniquely suited to reach many of the non-traditional music students (NTMs) who are not actively engaged in the traditional programs of bands, choirs, and orchestras. A recent survey indicated that 14% of United States High Schools offer technology based music classes and most of these classes were created in the last ten years (Dammers, 2010). While 56% percent of principals at schools without technology-based music classes feel that it would be feasible to offer such a class, individual music teachers with vision and technology skills are needed to make these classes a reality.  

The TI:ME Technology Leadership Academy is a unique, national program to provide leadership training to pre-service music education students. The program was funded with a NAMM Program Grant and held over three days in parallel with the TI:ME/JEN Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, January 2012.  Eight students were competitively chosen through a national competition. 

Williams, D.B. (2011).   The non-traditional music student in secondary schools of the United States: Engaging non-participant students in creative music activities through technology. Journal of Music, Technology, and Education, in press

Directed, written, and facilitated by:

Rick Dammers

V.J. Manzo

David Williams



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